I am excited about our future

I am looking forward to this coming Sunday. For the next three weeks, we are scheduled to meet at the Sharpe House, next to the Statesville Civic Center in Statesville. The address is 402 South Center Street.

I was excited to see so many of you come for our initial service. One of our team counted 31 in attendance.

We have realtors on the lookout for a more permanent location.

We have officially decided on the name Peace Haven. Attorney Luke Martin will begin the process of incorporation this week.

Some of you have asked about how you can give a donation. At this time, we are asking that you hold your gifts until we have completed the initial legal work and have a bank account set up.

The rental fee for the Sharpe House is being taken care of by an anonymous donor. At this time, rent is the only expense we have.

My upcoming message is about the two qualities necessary to be most effective in service to God – holiness and humility. Don’t worry, holiness is the work of God in our life. I will teach you how to access his power to make it possible to live an effective life for him.

Ron Gority will continue his lessons on the Spiritual Gifts during the Sunday School time after the worship service.

Dwayne and Lisa Colvard have invited us to their campground on August 19. Information and a sign-up sheet can be found here.